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Custom for Individuals

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Looking to customize an item with your name or favorite image? 

ZigBear is happy to individualize it's tree-friendly products! 

Send ZigBear a message for bulk pricing. 

Ways to Customize

How to Order

ZigBear offers 2 ways to order custom items. 

Order a Product

Choose the custom product on the Shop page or on this page. Then enter the details of your customization. ZigBear will reach out to clarify, if needed. 

Message ZigBear

Send ZigBear a message or email with your idea and we will help you place your order. 

Shop Customized Products

Note: Some customization is an add-on item. This helps reduce the drop down options and offers more customization. Begin by purchasing the product that your name will be added to, such as your favorite utensil bag design or Color-Your-Own Lunch Bag design. Then purchase the name add-on. ZigBear will reach out to clarify, if needed.

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