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Care Instructions

How to care for your cloth napkins

Easy to Wash!

Simply wash your cloth napkins with a regular load of laundry. If the napkins were used to clean a larger mess like spilled pasta sauce, you can rinse them under water before washing.

Better over time

Since the cloth napkins are made of flannel, the fabric continues to soften over time. This makes the napkins especially great for gently wiping your face after a messy meal. 


For extra convenience, I keep a basket in the kitchen to collect used napkins and kitchen towels. That way there is a stylish and nearby place to put the napkins when I unload my lunch bag or clear the table.

Storage Ideas


A napkin holder on the dining table is a wonderful way to ensure cloth napkins are accessible at meal time.


A basket on the kitchen counter makes a great storage container for clean and folded napkins. 


The medium sized napkins are made to fit on a paper towel holder. One at a time, roll the napkin around a repurposed paper towel tube. 

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